I’ve been wearing my walking cast for six weeks now and, it looks like I’ll be wearing it for {at least} another six weeks, too.

I went to my Orthopedist today to get checked up.  I have to say that I love this doctor!  If you need an Ortho, she is Dr. Rina Jain of San Diego Sports Medicine.  She is really trying to get my foot ready to be able to participate in the 3 Day.  She is supportive of the fight against breast cancer and I just love that she’s understanding of my goals.  I think a lot of doctors would be all, “heck no, you can’t walk!” But, Dr. Jain is making this work.

Training has been pretty much non-existent lately.  I’ve gotten a few three mile walks in here and there, but it’s hard walking in this contraption.  First, I am about two inches taller in the boot.  So this means that my New Balance walking shoe is too low and therefor I walk with a huge limp.  Because of this, my hip and back are really out of whack and I’m in a lot of pain after a walk.  Besides that, this boot just is not made for long distance walking.  Simple as that.

Dr. Jain has given me another “shoe” to try.  It’s actually the shoe they give to people in a traditional cast so that they don’t have to walk on crutches.  It’s got a much thinner, very ridged sole.  So now I am even with my sneaker.  This will still make it so that I still can not flex and do more damage to my stress fracture, but it should be easier to do longer distances (no limp, not as hot, etc).

I wore this around a little today.  I’m not sure how it is going to work.  It seems to slip on the heel more than I would like.  But, I am going to try it out tomorrow morning by attempting a five mile training walk.

Wish me luck!

Supporting The 3-Day Participants

If you happen to know someone who is walking in the San Diego 3 Day for the Cure {*cough*me*cough*},you can send them a little love and encouragement right to camp.

You are encouraged to send letters to participants and they will be delivered right to their tent by 3 Day crew members!  Isn’t that fun?  Here is the info you need to send a letter:

Send letters to:
3-Day for the Cure
ATTN: INSERT NAME OF PARTICIPANT (my name is Rhea Tabler…you know…just in case)
P.O. Box 721237
San Diego, CA 92172

Envelopes only, please. No boxes or large packages. Mail must be postmarked no later than November 9 in order to ensure delivery at the 3-Day for the Cure Camp Post Office. Please note: This address is not the actual location of camp, but a PO Box for mail delivery only. Any mail that is not postmarked by the date above or retrieved by the participant by December 5 will be destroyed.

Cheering Stations for San Diego are posted on The 3 Day website, but I’ll post them here for you next week so you can come out and cheer on the walkers (I’ll be the one wearing a giant ugly shoe).