Are you ready San Diego?

I know I’m not!

This is where we start to hyperventilate, right?

I’m so not prepared for this.  I have not walked more than seven miles in a training walk.  The good news is that it is easy for me to go seven miles, but the bad news is that seven miles is NOT sixty!  Far from it.  I had plans to go ten miles Sunday after my TV news interview, but I got sick and decided to come home (I think nerves from being on TV got the best of me!).

I do have some good news on the shoe front.  Remember I’ve been saying how the boot makes me two inches taller and therefore makes me limp and get bad pain in my hip?  Well, the amazing people at New Balance are coming through for me (again) and have sent me a pair of their new Rock & Tones.  I am breaking one of the cardinal rules of 3 Day for the Cure training:  Do NOT get a brand new pair of shoes right before the event.  But, the Rock & Tones have a much higher sole and will balance me out (hopefully) decreasing my hip and back pain.  I think this benefit will far outweigh the risk of extra blisters.  Maybe I’m naive for thinking this…but I’m going with it!  I will just plan on wearing my new shoes around the clock for the next week and a half in hopes of softening them up enough for the event.  I am taking a short walk this evening wearing my new shoes so I’ll report back tomorrow on how they did.

I’ll be doing a training walk down in Mission Bay on Thursday morning so that I can show The Filipino Press what all goes into training for an event like this.

I’m also working on getting the clip of me from the news Sunday morning.  I’ll get it posted when I have it, although it’s quite embarrassing how terrible I look.  I don’t even like doing vlogs so live TV was a killer!  But the people at San Diego 6 were so great.  I can’t thank Courtney Dwyer enough for being so nice.