Anthony crawls up to sit next to me in my big chair.  I am distracted by something one of the little boys is doing.  But once he is settled and I turn my attention back to my computer screen, I see it.

A giant BOOGER.

ON my computer screen.


I immediately ask Anthony, “Why did you wipe a booger on my computer??”

He replies, “I didn’t!”

Well, how did a booger get on my computer?  You’re the only one over here?

I don’t know.

{Because I’m a fabulous blogger, I immediately grab my phone so I can take a picture.  You know.   Priorities.}

I am slightly disgusted but highly amused.  I mean, it’s a booger.  On my computer.  How is that not funny?

I have a problem.

I send Anthony in to the kitchen to bring me a paper towel so I can clean up the offending lump of dried bodily fluids.  He’s still proclaiming his innocence.

Then he adds, It was on your phone when I picked it up.  So I took it and wiped it on your computer.  It was on your phone!

Okay.  Well.  Even if it was on my phone, you were using my phone.  And why do you think it should be okay to pick it off the phone and put it on my monitor?

Well, it wasn’t on your phone, it was on my foot!  It’s Angus’ {dog} booger.  It was on the couch and I got it on my foot and it was gross so I had to wipe it somewhere to get it off my foot.


This story just gets better and better.