Training walks are the single best way to ready your body and spirit for participating in The 3 Day for the Cure.  Unfortunately for me, mostly because of my rural location and husbands work schedule, I have to do most of my training walks alone.  This is okay, but certainly not the most fun way to train.

Today, I had a request from the Filipino Press to do an interview.  The reporter wanted to experience a training walk with me.  I decided it would be a great chance to get “down the hill” and participate in a training with other walkers.

Susan met up with me at the Mission Bay Visitors Center where we found the other walkers.  We then found Lesli who was our leader.

I don’t really know what I was thinking, but it never occurred to me that Susan would be coming on a twelve mile walk with us.  I just figured she would hang out for a bit, do my interview and then head home.  But no.  She wanted to experience the walk.  Ok.  Crazy, but Ok.  Built in to the training walk was an 8 mile option and Susan said she would go 8 miles.

Wow.  Rockstar!

Training commenced and Susan and I were at the back of the pack just chatting away.  I’m always the slow one anyways so it was working out well.  About five miles into the walk, Susan ran out of water and we stopped to get her some.  This is when we asked “where is the eight mile turn around” at?

Ooohh..but that happened a while back.  We were on the 13 mile loop!  Oh. No!


I felt terrible.  I apologized over and over to Susan who just smiled and laughed.  Lesli offered to call her husband to come get us and take us back to our cars.  But Susan was amazing and said she would Keep Going®.

We did end up taking a bit of a short cut and it made our total distance end up a t 11.64 miles.  This is the longest I have gone and was thrilled with myself!

Susan got one heck of a training experience story!  As soon as I get a copy of it, I’ll share it with you.

Here is a picture of the group entering Crown Point Shores, which incidentally will be the location of the San Diego Camp.

That’s right baby!  The pink posse is moving in.  It will be a very special event indeed.

I was so happy to spend the morning with this group of ladies.  I can’t thank Lesli enough for making me feel included and for running back to check on Susan and I.  I can’t thank Susan enough for being an honorary 3 Day for the Cure walker.  I think I might actually have her talked into participating with me next year…we’ll see!

One week left.