Well, it’s Thursday and I’m writing this up now since I’ll be up at the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow morning to take on the biggest adventure imaginable.  I will be leaving at 4:30am to begin my 3 day, 60 mile journey of a lifetime.  I’m so excited!

But, I’m also terrified!

What if I can’t make it 60 miles?  My feet have given me nothing but grief for the past several weeks.  I have to wear a cast for goodness sakes (my husband has pointed out that it’s not exactly a “cast” but it’s a “walking cast” or “boot”…I say potAto, he say’s potAHto)!  What if I just don’t have what it takes?  What if my back goes out again?  What if I’m not strong enough?

I also feel a little cheated this time around.  My broken foot robbed me of several training weeks.  I didn’t get to meet with as many people that I wanted.  I didn’t get to lead my training walks that I had hoped to.  I never walked further than 11.29 miles.

Here is another fabulous quote from my favorite 3 Day for the Cure message boards poster, Larry:

I am so nervous! – Ok, you’re nervous. So what?

What if I can’t walk all the way? – Who cares? No one is keeping track but you.

What if I get a blister? – What if you do?

What if I don’t know anyone? – You’ll meet hundreds of nice people.

What if I packed too much? – You did.

What if I didn’t pack something? – You’ll live.

What if it rains? – You’ll get wet; you won’t drown.

What if there’s lightning? – You’ll be moved to a safe indoor location.

What if it’s cold? – You won’t freeze to death.

What if it is hot? – You’ll sweat.

What if I don’t like the food? – You’ll pass 472 convenience stores; you’ll manage.

What if I don’t like the porta-potties? – No one “likes” the porta-potties. You’ll survive.

What if I don’t like the showers? – Ok, don’t shower. But check with your tent mate first.

What if I can’t sleep in a tent? – You’ll be tired; you’ll sleep.

Thank you, Larry for giving me perspective.  I really hope I get to meet him, he’s always got the most inspirational messages that really help me focus.

And let me not forget who I’m walking for.  My sister, Debra.  My aunt, Terri.  My grandmother, Louise.  They all kicked cancers butt and I am so proud to call them my family.

I’m also walking for myself.  If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you will know I had my own brush with breast cancer just a few weeks back.  I underwent a mammogram just for the “blogworthyness” of it, turned out there was a lump that needed a biopsy.  I thank God that it ended up being nothing, but for about 2 weeks I was terrified!  I couldn’t stop thinking that THIS is what I was fighting for.  IF I ended up with breast cancer, I KNEW that it was caught early and I would be okay.  At least that’s what I told myself.

But really, the best thing in the world will be when breast cancer doesn’t exist anymore.

THAT is what I’m fighting for.

That is what we are all fighting for.

So please join me and all of the other San Diego walkers as we make our voices heard.  We will walk until we don’t have to walk anymore!

Here is the list of San Diego Cheering StationsPLEASE come out and cheer on the walkers!  Walking 60 miles is no stroll in the park.  We are going to be tired and many will be hurting.  Your smiling faces and encouraging signs make such a huge difference to our spirits.

I will be tweeting and posting on my Facebook throughout the weekend.  On twitter, follow the hashtags #keepgoing and #the3day.  Then you won’t miss an update from me or from the many other tweeting walkers.  I will also be posting here on my blog live from the Energizer® tent in the evenings.

Finally,  I want to thank Energizer® for sponsoring me for this event.  They have been a presenting sponsor of The 3 Day for the Cure® for many years and sponsoring me as a blogger was just a phenomenal experience.  I have loved sharing my experiences with you as the Keep Going® Blogger.

Everyone Deserves a Lifetime.

I’ll be doing it again in 2011.

Hopefully without the cast.