Here I am at the end of day one of my first Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure, and I can say that I walked {almost} the whole darn thing!  I ended up skipping about 1 mile with a sweep van because my kids were waiting for me at the next cheering station and I wanted to hurry up for them.

Yes I’m blaming the kids. It’s my privilege since I birthed them.

Anyhow.  This has been an amazing experience!  I had so much fun today.  The people cheering on the walkers are plain crazy!  Half dressed, dancing and cheering.  It’s like being at a downtown club even though it’s only 6:30 am.  It’s their spirit that keeps the walkers walking.  It’s their dedication that helps me Keep Going!

My favorite cheering station!  My loves.  Who were heartbroken when they realized I wasn’t going home with them.  But my heart melted when I walked around the corner and saw them giving high fives to all the walkers in front of me.  They had been cheering walkers on for about an hour before I made it to their spot.This is Billy.  He is a 3 day for the Cure icon.  He travels with the walk so you see him several times in different locations.  All the “walker stalkers” do this.  They follow the group and cheer until everyone goes by.  Then they move down the route and do it again.


I am sore tonight.  So is about 4000 other walkers.  But I feel accomplished and happy.  I can’t believe I did it!  We’ll see how tomorrow goes…my non-broken foot is actually the one giving me grief.  I sure I hope I don’t walk away from this walk with another boot.

This even is just amazing.  I don’t have adequate words to describe the energy and dedication of these walkers and supporters.  It’s breathtaking.

I’m off to shower for the night and hit the hay.  Please check my facebook and twitters for play by play updates throughout the day tomorrow.