It’s Monday and my 3 Day for the Cure, 60 mile journey ended yesterday.  But I came home exhausted, and went straight to bed last night.  I hope you don’t mind getting my Day 3 recap a day late.

Our “team mates” (we didn’t form an official team, but we were together all weekend), made the decision to get a room at the nearby Hilton rather than spending the night in a soggy tent.  After taking a hot shower on Day 2 and putting on warm dry clothes only to walk out of the shower trucks to be hit with cold wind and rain…I thought the Hilton sounded like a fine plan!

After sleeping the night in a nice, warm, dry bed, we arrived back at camp bright and early.  It was time to tear down our soggy tents and load our gear onto the trucks for the day.  We woke up to partially blue skies and were so hopeful that the weather San Diego is famous for would make an appearance.

It was short lived.

We made it to the first pit stop (about mile 3) dry and then the rain came again.

I wished I could have caught up to the “Aunt,” “Sister,” or “Grandmother” flag because I would have loved to carry it for a while.  But this woman carried the “Mother” flag through the rain at Mission Bay like a determined warrior.

We were lucky, though and the rain did finally stop.  The clouds cleared.  It would spit a little rain now and then but by the time we got to closing ceremonies, it was blue skies above Petco Park.

This was at the top of a GIANT hill in Old Town.  It’s amazing what a little Vicodin and Gu energy packets can help you accomplish!

Along the route, there are little signs of encouragement.  They are fabulous and usually have really great messages to help you Keep Going®.

More fabulous cheerers!

All along the route there are these little groups of people.  We call them “Walker Stalkers.”  There is Billy and the “Hookers for Hooters” just to name a few.  These people are fabulous!  They come out, rain or shine and cheer, cheer, cheer.  They wait for the walkers to go by then advance ahead and do it again.  The support these people give the walkers, and the way they lift your tired spirits is nothing short of amazing.  I can’t thank them enough!

After a long hard, half wet, half sunny day, we finally made it to the end.

Closing Ceremonies.

My friends, Liz and Suzanna (thanks Liz for the hotel!).  These are two of the most energetic people I’ve ever met.  I’m happy to know them.

Breast cancer survivors gathering on the hill for closing ceremonies.

We were moving fast!  But here are more San Jose and San Diego Police Department guys cheering on the walkers at Closing Ceremonies.  These guys and gals were AWESOME!  Cheering us on, encouraging our spirits.  I was told by more than one that I was their hero for walking these 60 miles with a broken foot.  That meant so much to me!  I’ll have video of some of them dancing for us after I get the video’s downloaded from my other camera.  Hysterical!

They let the survivors walk into the Closing Ceremonies last.  To honor their fight, all the walkers remove one shoe and salute them.  This was the most emotional part for me.  There are no words to describe the sense of accomplishment I felt at this moment.  We walked for the survivors.  It was beautiful and awe inspiring to see.

The survivor circle.

Day 3 was very emotional and so much fun.  It was a giant party which made it easy to walk those last 17 miles despite being in more pain than I ever though imaginable.  If you ever wanted to be a part of something amazingThe Susan G Komen 3 Day for the Cure is it.

I have more to say and a video to post.  So stay tuned for that.  I can’t thank Energizer® enough for their support of me and for their support of The 3 Day for the Cure.