It is hard to believe that my surrogate son is already six months old!  Where does the time go?  And for a side-note here, my surrogate triplets turned three years old this week, too.  It’s just crazy.

Lucky for me, my most recent surrogate baby lives in the same state as I do (as opposed to the Triplets who live in Europe).  This means I actually get to see him, and what a fabulous treat that is!  His family came down to Southern California for the Thanksgiving holiday and took some time out of their schedule to come see me.

We went bowling.

(Anthony’s choice)

Baby J is just so sweet and happy.  I don’t think he stopped grinning, until he got too hungry and was having a hard time nursing on account that bowling alleys are very noisy.

Yes, I said “nursing.”  J’s mommy induced lactation and he has been exclusively breast fed since his birth.  I didn’t nurse my own boys past 6 weeks, so 6 months is very cool if you ask me.  Especially in our circumstance.

Anthony adored Baby J, and Baby J adored Anthony.  Made me feel just a tiny bit sad that Anthony wouldn’t have his own baby brother to dote after in his future…but only a little.

This family is the best.  Momma asked me if I felt I got enough pictures and updates from her.  How thoughtful is that?  I couldn’t have been luckier to find this family to be a part of.