Hey, do you want to know a secret?  Nobody has entered the Sam’s Club Unfortunate Tree contest on my blog!  What gives?  It’s a fabulous contest in which you enter a picture of your saddest Christmas tree and the winner will get a very beautiful designer tree!  I don’t know how many entries the other Sam’s Club community bloggers are getting…but I haven’t gotten a single entry.  Makes me sad.  But this also means that your odds of actually winning are higher since their are low entries.

If you don’t happen to win the contest (which ends on the 29th), but you still want a beautiful Christmas tree, be sure to check out the selection of ornaments and decorations at your local Sam’s Club. They also have a cool step by step instruction guide on how you can achieve your designer look with very little effort.  I know it only took me about an hour to have my tree done.  Isn’t it pretty?

Don’t forget that you can also vote for my “Monkey Madness” tree on the Sam’s Club Facebook page.  If I win I will get $100!  YAY!  Who doesn’t need money at the holidays?  Then my designer tree will go to a local charity in time for the holidays.

So get your Unfortunate Tree pictures into me so you can win a beautiful designer tree, too.

FTC:  I was provided monetary compensation for my participation in this Sam’s Club promotion.