So, I’ve been kinda-sorta watching NBC’s The Sing Off, right?  Not regularly, but enough to keep up and enjoy the show.  Except the lead singer of this one group looks so familiar and it’s just bugging me.  Who is this guy?  Where have I seen him?  Is he famous?  Is he from Ramona?  WHAT?

Tonight, I finally paid attention and caught the guys name, Jerry Lawson.

I googled and found a website and his Wiki page.  I’m reading along and it HITS me.

Since 2007, one of the most requested videos on childrens television network Noggin has been Jerry’s video of “I’m So Glad (I’ve Got Skin)”, which he first recorded with the Persuasions, and performed for Noggin with Talk of the Town

He’s the guy who sings my favorite Nick Jr. song!  Here, I’ll refresh your memory:

You’re welcome.

What?  I can’t possibly be the only mom who was racking their brain over why he was familiar???