Several weeks ago, Anthony wrote his first letter to Santa Claus.  He very carefully penned out his wish for a new BMX bike (which was total news to me!).  We addressed the letter very simply to:

Santa Claus
North Pole

I put a stamp on it and we placed it in the mailbox.  I didn’t think of it again.  Until today.

Bob brings the mail in and there is a little card addressed to Anthony!  It reads:

My Dear Little Friend,

Your letter arrived, to my delight.  I read each word by candlelight.  The elves are busy, what more can I say!  They have so much fun on our magical day.  I love sharing the secret of Christmas to be, with all my precious wonders; you are so dear to me.

You are so special in your own special way, like no other on Earth, I am pleased to say.  Be healthy, be happy, and keep wearing a smile, Christmas will be here in a very short while!  And here is a special wish I send, Peace on Earth, Good will to men!

Love, Santa


It was hand addressed and had a little “Have a merry Christmas” hand written out.

I can not describe Anthony’s face when he received his letter from Santa.  I don’t know how Anthony was chosen to receive this letter, but it totally made his day.  Year even!

I love Christmas!