Four more sleeps until Christmas! This year seems extra special to me because the age of my boys is perfect for the wonder and magic of the holiday’s.  I just really think that kids are so lucky to have the innocent eyes and big imaginations to truly make Christmas magical. Maybe your kids are really into it, too and you want some ideas to make it even more special this year.  Here are some ideas to hopefully add some sparkly fun to your holiday.

Before Christmas (It’s not too late!)

1.  Make your child a free video message that arrives by email from the big man himself.  There are several websites that offer this service, but my favorite is The Portable North Pole.  You can even give them the news of being on “naughty watch!”  It is really personalized, Santa will say their name and you can upload your childs picture to appear in “the book.”

2.  Order up a telephone call from Santa at Santa Speaking.  I have not used this service, but my friends Jenna and Kim both say it’s really fabulous and their kids just LOVED it.  I might check it out next year.

3.  On Chrismas Eve be sure to track Santa’s journey on Norad Tracks Santa.

4.  Staci from Momma’s Gone Over the Wall makes a Reindeer Wreath with her kids to leave out as a treat for Santa’s tired reindeer.  “We put carrots, herbs, fruit, etc with water in a bunt pan and froze it.  On Christmas morning, the reindeer will have knocked it down and “eaten” some of it, aka, I’ll drop it on the driveway.”

5.  Read the book, Santa Claus with your children.  It beautifully explains how all the magic happens, from how the elves grow Christmas trees in the North Pole to how even the arctic animals play a role in keeping Santa safe.  It’s my favorite holiday book!

6.  Get an Elf on the Shelf to make an annual appearance.  Our Elf, Jack Andrew, arrives just after Thanksgiving and watches over the boys until  Christmas.  Every night, he fly’s back to the North Pole to report on the goings on in the house. When he returns, he picks a new hiding place and my boys love looking for him every morning.  He comes with a book and adoption papers.

Evidence that Santa has come and gone

1.  If you don’t have a fireplace, and your child worries how Santa will get in, leave a “magic key” hanging on the door.

2.  Leave “reindeer poop” out in the drive way.  I am on a mission to find some goat (or other animal droppings) to scatter in the driveway.  If real poop isn’t your thing…I’ve heard that chocolate covered raisin or balled up tootsie rolls work for this.  You can roll the tootsie rolls in dirt and grass to give it an authentic look.

3.  Sprinkle glitter around the front door or fireplace.  Evidence of Santa’s magic dust!

4.  Leave muddy boot prints around the door or near the fireplace.  If you don’t want a  muddy bootprint in your house, leave them outside.

5.  If you have snow on Christmas then Jabbering Jessi has this idea:   “We take potato’s and cut hooves into them and my husband puts them on the end of ski poles, he then straps on the skis and skis down the driveway using the reindeer hoof potato’s to pull him along and make reindeer footprints in the snow, then he gets off the skis in BIG boots and walks to our door where Santa would enter.”

6. I Caught Santa is another service that lets you plant evidence of Santa’s visit.  You upload a picture of your living room and they will insert Santa into it.  Awesome visual evidence!

7.  Take bites out of the carrots and cookies left for the team so it appears that they’ve been eaten.  I actually forgot to do this last year and had to quickly think of a story as to why Santa didn’t eat the cookies!  oops.

8. Kas from Southern Bella’s Ways to Save has left a sleigh bell behind, like the one from Polar Express.

So, there is my list of ideas to help keep the magic alive.  If you have any of your own to add, I would LOVE to hear them.  I’m always on the lookout for new ways to keep it fun.

For the record,  The links to products or services are un-sponsored recommendations from myself or my friends.