God I hate dieting!  I hate being fat, but I hate dieting.  This sucks.

Weighed in this morning and I’m up 2 more pounds.  So, I’m still down 5 from when I started but after being down 10 the week before Christmas, I can say that the holidays kicked my ass.  All this up and down, YAY’s and BOOHOO’s just suck.  I know I said that already, but it was worth repeating.

Thank goodness I finished off the last of the Christmas Fudge last night so I can focus on eating good again.

This week was not without a few highlights.  I got out and started walking again.  I haven’t walked since completing The 3 Day in November.  I was trying to give my foot time to finish healing.  But I’ve been stressed out a lot lately and my husband encouraged me to get out of the house.  It was NICE!  I really missed walking.  Unfortunately, I can say without much doubt that my foot is still broken.  I was definitely experiencing the tell tale pain that landed me at the doctor in the first place.  The problem here is that walking 60 miles in that cast, trashed it.  I quit wearing it because without traction on the bottom I kept slipping.  Not to mention that the velcro doesn’t stick anymore and it’s really loose and something is rattling on the inside.  But now I need a new one.

I also decided this week that I wanted to run in a 5K.  Not an easy feat for a fatty like me!  But there is a program and iPhone app called Couch to 5 K that I downloaded and started checking out.  While out on my walk this week, I actually attempted to RUN!  And you want to know what?  I didn’t DIE!  Amazing.

I really felt like a spectacle trying to run.  I haven’t ran in 20 years (no joke).  A few months ago I did try running after Gabe because he was falling out of the playset and I was trying to get to him so I could save his little rotten life, but I tripped and fell on my face right in front of everyone.  My brother still laughs about it (asshole).  So while I was running for my 1 minute I kept having visions of falling on my face.  So every time I heard a car coming, I stopped running.  All in all…I think I ran about 4-5 minutes out of the 40 that I was out.  Two days later my hips still hurt.

Yeah, it’s hard for a fatty to run.

It is really discouraging to have the desire to start an exercise program but an ongoing injury (broken foot) makes it so you have to wait.  I hate waiting.  I’ve been fat for a long time.  I’m tired of waiting to get my life back.

Anyhow.  That’s how my week went.  How was yours?