I consider myself to be relatively domestic.  I cook from scratch a lot and I bake with the boys.  When I was younger I could sew with a sewing machine (I have the blue ribbon to prove it), but I haven’t done any real sewing for many years.  I’ve certainly never been good at hand sewing anything.  Ever.

But last week I had to sew some cub scout patches onto Anthony’s uniform.  We didn’t even have a sewing kit in the house so Bob had to run to KMart to pick one up.  I did a bad job sewing on the patches, but it worked out okay and at least they stayed on during the meeting….not sure how they will fare in the laundry yet…

Anyhow, Bob thought that since I {semi}successfully sewed patches onto a uniform that suddenly I’m Martha freaking Stewart or something.  Today he asked if I would mend the pocket on his work shirt!

I didn’t even have the right color blue thread (this is where it’s good Bob is color blind).  I did my best, but man…that’s pathetic!

He’s a good husband.  He didn’t criticize my efforts one bit, and off to work he went.  I hope nobody notices.