I’ve been talking a lot lately with my family about just picking up and moving into a shanty in the forest.  I’m just kinda done with the whole “keeping up with the Jones’s” life.  I stay home with my kids while my husband works a crappy, non-family-friendly schedule.  He stresses about money.  A LOT.  I feel bad.  Coming up this Fall, the twins will actually be old enough to head to Kindergarten (they are totally not ready).  But then we started homeschooling last year, so do I want to add them to my “school” or send all of the kids into the system?

Ugh, so many questions and variables!

So, to counteract the stress of life, I really want to downsize.  I’ve been thinking of just getting rid of EVERYTHING.  We have so much JUNK.  I can’t keep up with it all.  I can’t keep it all organized and clean.  It’s so stressful.  It gets to the point that I would rather just ignore it.  I love living here with my parents nearby, but I would love to move somewhere small.  Somewhere in the mountains.  Somewhere that we can grow a garden and hunt for lizards.  Somewhere cheaper.

Enter, The Yurt.

Yep, I’ve completely lost my mind.

But think about it.  Yurt’s are simple.  They are small, extremely environmentally friendly, inexpensive and easy to maintain.  Everything that I would love in a home.  It’s always been a family joke that I was born in the wrong era.  I am such a hippy at heart.  A Yurt is the perfect hippy home!  It really shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone that I am considering this.

But living in a Yurt doesn’t necessarily mean living in a weird primitive tent.  Now days, people get really fancy with them and I’ve googled across some amazing photos where the owners really utilized the space well.  It could totally be made to accommodate our family of five.  For cheap.

Check out how these people created a loft inside their Yurt.  We could put the adults in the loft with a bedroom full of bunk buds in the room underneath.  Many Yurt dwellers have full size kitchens!

Kitchen with bar anyone?

I love just how “urban” this kitchen looks.

So, have I gone completely nutso?  I actually think a Yurt is a step up from my vision of a Tiny House in the forest.

I would love to find a flat piece of property in the mountains and put a Yurt on it.  Grow a garden.  Bake break.  Cook organically.  Is that too much to ask?

Sorry Bob.