This weeks wine review was provided at Heather’s blog.  Her and her visiting mom tried out a Fat Bastard Shiraz by Thierry and Guy.

Here is what Heather had to say about it:

Today’s bottle of Fat Bastard Shiraz by Thierry and Guy would be perfect with a nice peppery steak, or maybe a spicy Italian tomato based dish but now that I think of it…the tacos would have worked too.  Or maybe Rhea’s Chicken Fajitas would be a wonderful compliment.  With notes of dark blackberry, pepper, vanilla on the nose and a very light licorice finish, this Shiraz would compliment many a meal be it fancy or not.

Ok, I hear a bunch of blah blah blah…FAT BASTARD.

Who names a wine Fat Bastard?  That’s hysterical to me!  And then, who stands at the store and thinks, “hm, how about a nice Fat Bastard for our dinner party tonight?” *cough*Heather*cough*

It got me thinking about wine names.  Last week I reviewed something from the Cupcake Vineyard.  I know nothing about wine and so I bought last weeks bottle based on the fun name alone.  Add that to this weeks Fat Bastard and I had to leave a comment on Heather’s post wondering about the funniest wine name out there, which spurred this conversation on Facebook.

So now the challenge is on.  I will try to find wines with funny, cute or crazy names and we’ll see exactly what’s in a name!  I’ve already started looking (had a trip to Trader Joe’s today) and I can’t wait to see what I find.  If you have a favorite strange name wine, I would love to know about it!  Point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.