Unless you live under a rock, last night was the Super Bowl between Green Bay and Pittsburgh.  Go GREEN BAY!

Actually, I really didn’t care who won.  Once upon a time I was a Pittsburgh fan, but when Coach Cowher left I got bored with them.  And since my husband has family in Wisconsin, it seemed as if I should at least cheer for them.  So I did.  And I’m glad I did, since they won.  Woot!

As with all Super Bowls, while the game is fun to watch, I really just tune in to see the commercials and the half time show (Side note:  Did anyone catch Christina’s big time flub during the National Anthem??  WOW!)  .  This year I was really excited to see the Black Eyed Peas because they are awesome and the twins really love them.

Gabriel sings “Tonight’s gonna be a good night….” all.day.long.  (He’s singing it now)  And they were ecstatic to get to watch them perform live.

What was up with the sound though?  Was it just me?  The sound engineers should be fired.

But the dancing and the lit up people and Fergie made it all worth while.

Don’t judge on the girl crush.

After half time was over, we were back outside and the twins decided to “play Black Eyed Peas” on the porch.  YAY for iPhones, because I got to record their extremely entertaining version.  It was very sweet, and cute, and was making my heart smile.  Until my Aunt decided to interrupt…


So that pretty much sums up our Super Bowl party…how was yours?