Excuse the title, Rhea thought that was all I was going to put in this post. Oh do I ever have news for you!

My name is Cheryl and I’m hijacking Rhea’s blog. Just for a second. I know she’s linked to me before because really, my own blog looks like a big huge homage to Rhea. Well, I’m letting you all in on a somewhat secret. Tomorrow is Rhea’s birthday. It’s not a really HUGE secret, since it’s on her facebook profile and all, and to be absolutely honest with you, if she deletes my post because it’s not up to her “preference” I might cry. And I’m the mushy one of the 2 of us.
Awww, wasn’t she a cutie?!
I’m not here to embarrass her with stories from our childhood because we haven’t known each other that long, however that doesn’t seem to stop us. Rhea should be lucky I’m such a pack rat and that I have an inability to delete e-mail. Our first official “conversation” outside of momdot (the forum we officially met on) was on February 18th, 2010. Wow. Our one year anniversary is approaching. But, honestly, this is not about me, it’s about the BIGGEST BLOGGER EVER– Rhea. And she is quickly approaching 40 (just stating the obvious, hon, sorry) and I want to be one of the first to wish her a happy birthday!
So innocent..
Who knew that I could find a best friend in someone I have never met in person? The similarities between us have us wondering if somehow our families met somehow, someway, perhaps right on the US/Canada border. But, alas, we have never met in person, although I’m fairly sure it would be much like sunshine and rainbows, with a lot less sleep. We can talk a mean streak off of anyone!
Just LOOK how she’s all grown up now!!
So, Happy happy birthday, my dear friend Rhea, I know I am lucky to have met you. Only because a) you’re older than I am- and you can share your so called “life experiences” with me and b) I gripe about my life and you tell me it’ll be ok and if not, we can run away together and start a commune.
Here is a reasonable facsimile of how I picture our first meeting. Help me wish Rhea a Happy Birthday!!
(If you happen to notice the featured image, Rhea’s going to need a fire extinguisher to blow out all the candles!!)