{Nearly} Ten years ago I got all dolled up to go to my ten year high school reunion.  I even came back from my honeymoon early so that I could go.  And I remember being relatively excited about it.  I hadn’t kept in contact with too many people from school and I was looking forward to seeing some old friends.

I suppose it was an okay night.  I didn’t really talk to too many people.  I wasn’t friends with them in high school, so I certainly wasn’t going to pretend to like them now.  But there were a few people I was genuinely happy to see.  There was lots of laughing, lots of whispering.  It was exactly like being at a high school dance again.  The “popular” people were together at one table, the not-so-popular ones were separate.  There was even awards handed out and I got the pleasure of “winning” for being married the most times (I had my 2nd wedding the week before the reunion). Lucky me.

Now, it’s ten years later and Facebook is abuzz with planning our class’s twenty year reunion!  Oh joy!

I’ve been thinking about it a lot this past week.  Whether or not I would like to attend.  I’m thinking I would rather not.

I mean.  Since my ten year, Facebook has taken over the World.  Anyone that I might have been friends with in high school, I am now friends with on Facebook.  I can see them, talk to them, view their pictures.  Why do I need to spend $60 to go sit with them in a ball room?  If I didn’t like you in high school, then I’m not friends with you on Facebook either.  Again, why do I need to spend $60 to sit across the ball room and be whispered about by you?  Do you really think people change?

I don’t think I want to spend money to go be judged because I gained weight.  I don’t look forward to buying a dress so that I can try to impress people I didn’t care about twenty years ago.  There are people from high school that I do care about, and those people I already talk to on a regular basis.  I would rather go out to the corner Mexican Food place and hang out over taco’s then spend money pretending I care about a bunch of people who were never nice to me.

Have you been to your high school reunion?  Are you glad you went?  Was it just the same as high school?  I really think that with Facebook and so much social media out there, they are unnecessary evils.