One day, my mom and I were in Old Town with the boys looking for ghosts at the Whaley House.  We were wandering around the grounds and happened to actually look into the row of buildings along the right side walkway.  I had just assumed they were more old buildings, one of them had a plaque on it explaining that it was a pharmacy during the early 1900’s.  We had been to the Whaley House several times before, but this time, I noticed something.  People were eating inside this pharmacy building.  Then, we noticed a kitchen in the small building next door and a patio seating area.  I must have seen it before, but I never really looked.

What we finally realized was that a little Creole restaurant was tucked into these old historic buildings.  How cute! We thought.

It’s no secret that New Orleans is my absolute favorite city in the whole wide world.  It also happens that my ex-mother-in-law used to live in NOLA and the two of us {mostly} share a birthday.  So it seemed that the New Orleans Creole Cafe seemed like the perfect place to do lunch.

The New Orleans Creole Cafe was awesome!  It was the oddest little restaurant I’d been in.  We chose to sit in the dining room because it was a bit chilly outside.  The dining room was just an old historic pharmacy with one door in and out.  We were seated in this room alone for most of lunch.  I don’t think many people know about this hidden little gem tucked away in Old Town.

We were served by one of the owners who was just nice as can be.  We poured over the menu and asked questions.  He humored my mother who ordered macaroni and cheese (sheesh….creole cafe and you order mac&cheese??).  I ordered the traditional red beans and rice with andouille sausage added in and my mother in law got their specialty, crawfish etouffee.

The food was fabulous!  My red beans and rice were very French Quarter authentic and tasted just as good as the plate I had in New Orleans last year.

We just had the best time.  We ended lunch with a bread pudding in whiskey sauce.   It seemed to take a long time for our food and forever for dessert.  But, the owner explained they had to make the whiskey sauce fresh.  You really can’t hurry home made, as you order it, traditional deliciousness.

I’m so glad we found the New Orleans Creole Cafe in Old Town.  The hospitality, delicious food and quaint little historic buildings made it a really fun and memorable lunch.  I can’t wait to go back!

FTC Disclosure:  It’s really kinda stupid I have to put this at the bottom of a post, but just in case anyone asks, this lunch was not a promotional lunch, I was not paid or compensated for my opinion.  My mommy bought my lunch for my birthday. Thank you mom!