Well, it seems I’m finally getting into a groove for this homeschool stuff.  It only took, what?  Five months?  But, really, who’s counting?

I ended up sending the K12 curriculum back.  It followed a very structured curriculum and it just stressed me out trying to keep up.  When your kid is ADHD and he is all over the place, the last thing you need is a computer program telling you what to do and when to do it  (I have a husband for that).  It was structured, seemed to cover all the bases and I had a teacher contact offering a lot of support.  So you might like it if that’s what you need.

We needed something that would keep him interested and keep me from freaking the freak out (Victorious, much?).

I was recommended to try out Time for Learning and so far, we both really like it!

The program is not free (K12 is), we pay a subscription fee of $19.99 a month.  But the lessons are really engaging and keep Anthony’s attention pretty well.  T4L even has parent forums (that I have not used) for support.  You go at your own pace and can jump around to what is interesting at the moment.  It marks off the lessons when they are complete so you don’t get confused as to where you are and the parent can print out reports periodically to keep as hard records.

Unfortunately, we had about 3 months that we didn’t pay our subscription.  The holidays came along and we were just poor.  I thought I could do the schooling thing on my own.  But that just paved the way for mommy to be LAZY.  We worked on a few projects, went to the Library, practiced some reading.  But that was really it.  Then I told myself I was “unschooling.”  HA.  It was just momma being being a bad teacher.

Homeschooling truly is a learning process, for both of us.  I am trying to figure out where the resources are and trying to keep myself on task (perhaps I have a little bit of ADHD myself?).  I really hope we can get our second car running so that we can get out into the world to explore things like Museums and parks and homeschool playgroups.  That would go a long way in helping mommy keep her sanity.

Just yesterday it really dawned on me that the little boys will be old enough for Kindergarten this Fall.  That will be a whole new can of worms!  Can I do this X3?  Eek!

PS:  I was not asked to talk about Time for Learning, but if you decided to try it out and sign up, tell them that Rhea Tabler sent you!  I’ll get a free month.  Woohoo!