I know for some of you out there, snow is old hat.  It’s an annoying pain in the ass for most of the country.  But one of the luxury’s afforded to us in Southern California is the year-round beautiful, warm, snow-free weather.  And, don’t think we don’t pay (out the nose) for this luxury!  Well that wasn’t the case for us this weekend and today we get to see a beautiful winter wonderland right outside our door!

I live in the town of Ramona.  It’s in San Diego County, about 45 minutes from Downtown.  Our elevation is at about 1400 feet.  During the winter, it only takes us about 20 minutes to drive “up the hill” to Julian, CA.  To the snow.  It is awesome to be so close to the snow, without actually being IN the snow.  In 2008, our yard was covered with very small hail/snow/sleet mix that was still fun to play in, but it wasn’t really snow.  I’m not sure the actual stats on it, but my friend from school says she remembers it snowing in Ramona when we were in Jr. High.  So 25 or so years.  Now, Mother Nature will occasionally leave a dusting of snow on the outskirts of town, a bit higher up, but never in town, which is where I am.

The snow started falling about 9:30pm last night.  The boys and I had been anxiously waiting for it to start and they were disappointed to go to bed with no snow.  So when I noticed it falling (I had my curtains open so I could watch) I went into their room to see if anyone was awake.  I hadn’t really decided whether or not to actually wake them up…but as luck would have it (and because they were being shits last night) all three were still awake.  YAY!

We threw our sweatshirts and uggs on over our pajamas and out the door we went!  I even knocked on my mom and dads door so they could see.  It was beautiful!

We played for about 30 minutes before their hands were frozen and being up past their bedtime started to take its toll.  We reluctantly came inside and went back to bed.

This morning everything was still white and beautiful, although it was all just frozen.

Grapefruit trees!  So tropical.

The view right outside my front door, just before sunrise.

So there is our exciting snow.  So pretty to look at.  So glad it’s already melting.