I sure love my Stumble Button.  I’ve mentioned it before.  And one day, I came across a website full of beautiful sugar cookie creations.  Sugarbelle has the most amazingly adorable cookies I have ever seen.  I wanted one.  I needed one!  I wanted one to look at and hold and smell.  They were really too pretty to be edible!

I immediately shared the website with Cheryl because she loves it when I share sugar with her.  We decided that we could totally do that.  How hard could it possibly be?


I started out excited and with high hopes that I could create something pretty.  I don’t generally love sugar cookies, so I used the recipe for Sugarbaker’s Chocolate Mini-Chip cookies that I found on Sugarbelle’s website.

Rolling sugar cookies sucks ass.  I destroyed an entire batch at Christmas.  I think I use too much flour or something, because they end up super dry and crumbly and utterly unusable.  With this batch of chocolate chips, I did the same thing.  About 1/4 of the dough just wasted.  It was a darn shame.

The ones I managed to cut out baked up nicely.  Tasty!

Then came the decorating.  I could not find meringue powder to make my royal icing (I kinda decided to try this on short notice).  So I had to make it with egg whites.  Hey, I’m not one of those that freak out of raw eggs.  I let my kids lick the batter bowls all the time.  I used this recipe for my icing.  It was not as delicious as I had hoped, but I guess it’s pretty normal that royal icing is not as yummy as buttercream.  The sacrifice you make for pretty.

I have to say that I think my icing came out pretty well.  It was a good consistency and I didn’t have a hard time with it.  My first round was a pretty blue.  My trouble came when I decided instead of leaving it a pretty blue, that I would try and make the flooding icing green.  I added green to my already pretty blue and ended up with this ugly sea foam barf color.

Flooding these cookies with icing was tedious but I made it through and after (what seemed like) many hours I finally finished my cookies.

When all is said and done, I’m not sure decorated cookies are up my alley.  They sure are beautiful to look at, but man, it was a lot of work!  I just don’t think I have the patience or creativity to make show stoppers like Sugarbelle.  Maybe I’ll try again and decided.