I was boasting to my friend Cheryl about our beautiful Southern California weather and shared this picture of Anthony and the way he was dressed.  She then made an off color remark about his shirt.  One that I had (surprisingly) never heard.  And when I told her what the package said they officially were, she said she had NEVER heard them called that!

I assumed it must be because in Canada they have different names for things.

But then I talked to my mom.  I was telling her how weird Cheryl the Canadian was, that she didn’t know these types of shirts were called…XXX…and my mom said she had NEVER heard them called this either.


It’s not like I just made this name up out of the clear blue sky.

So, I want to know what you call this type of shirt.  And I don’t even necessarily mean their “nickname” but what the official name for these shirts are.  In your house.