Yesterday I took all the boys out for haircuts.  The little boys’ hair had gotten especially shaggy and Gabe kept asking me to get it out of his eyes.  So on a rare day of freedom (Bob didn’t need to take our truck to work) I took the boys for lunch and haircuts.

When she was done, the nice lady who did Gabe’s haircut pointed out an unusual lump behind his ear.  She said, “you probably already know, but he has a pretty big lump on his ear.”

She pointed it out and HOLY COW!  He had this adult thumbnail sized lump behind his ear.  It makes his left ear stick out kinda funny and now with his hair newly cut, it’s so obvious.

How did I not see this??

I suck.

To redeem my neglectfulness, I came home and made a pediatrician appointment to have it checked out ASAP.

Today, we saw his doctor.  I kind of cringed when he asked me how long it had been there (since I have no idea).  He informed me that he does not believe it to be a lymph node, but it’s in a peculiar place.  He then referred us to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.

I called and made an ENT appointment and we have to wait SEVEN WEEKS.

Ugh.  That seems like forever.

Here is another picture, a little less in focus but shows the size better:

So, to pass the time, I thought we could play doctor.  Everyone loves to play Dr. Google.  So, what do you think it is?