I can’t believe we’ve been doing our mommy wine reviews for 8 weeks already.  How cool is that?  Of course, I can’t remember when it’s my turn or who is posting where, but hey, I try to keep up as best I can.  Maybe it’s all the wine drinking homework I’ve been forced to do…

This is week 8 and that means it was Cheryl’s turn to drink up.  Unfortunately for her, she got a nasty bottle of Moscato.  I had never even heard of Moscato until just recently and I’m really glad that Cheryl bucked up and decided to try it before me.  She described her bottle of Muscat Ottonel as “… ass, with a side of perfume”  Yum.  I’ve always wondered what ass tastes like and now I know where to get a sample.

Do you drink Moscato?  Is this typical?

And while I’m here, I better mention that Heather had week 7’s review that I forgot to mention (way to be a team player, Rhea).  She shared a nice juicy white wine, Peter Mertes Liebfraumilch, with her sister.  It’s a good thing she had wine, too since she tried to kill her sister with dinner.  But you can read all about it on her post!

Next week, I’m going to share all about my little Menage A Trois…you know you can’t wait, so tune it!