Today I went to the grocery store, the same as I do several times a week.  It is always the same routine, get the groceries, pay, load the car, come home.  Nothing special.  Right?  I cherish my alone time at the grocery store, the glamorous life that I lead.  But today there was issues at checkout (stupid &$##!@! Paypal debit card) and so my mind wasn’t focused, running through different things as I loaded the groceries in my car.

The couple across from me caught my attention, they seemed to be arguing.  A girl got out of the driver side and got back into the passenger seat.  She looked pissed.  She looked like she lead a hard life.  Wonder what drugs she’s on?  She’s gotta be on drugs, look how skinny she is!  Nobody is that skinny without drugs.  Just look at that hair.  I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley that’s for sure, that skinny bitch would probably cut me.  Man, she looks pissed.  Poor guy.  Wonder what he did to make her mad?  Probably her dealer.

I get into my truck and start up.  Pull out of the grocery store lot, thinking again about how much I hate Paypal, skinny druggie girl pushed back out of my mind.  Disregarded and forgotten.

I get stopped at the red light just outside of the parking lot.  I am startled from my thoughts by someone knocking on my passenger side window.  I look up, and druggie girl is standing there…with my purse!

It seems I left my $800 some odd dollar Coach bag IN the grocery cart and left it in the parking lot.


I rolled down my window, she handed it to me, I managed to choke out a “oh my god, thank you so so much!”  She just nodded and ran back to her car before the light turned green.  I don’t think she said a single word.

I drove home thinking, “I totally suck.”

This girl would not have gotten much out of my purse had she decided to check it out.  I had $6.00 and a paypal debit card that doesn’t work half the time.  A maxed out credit card and some kotex.  Quite a find.  The bag itself was the most valuable.  It’s old, but could still probably be resold for some good drug money.

But this girl, the one I thought so poorly of just moments before, wasn’t thinking about selling my bag for drugs.  No.  She was my hero today.  And she was also my teacher, for she reminded me that I shouldn’t be so quick to judge others.