I keep my MSN chat window open pretty much all day long.  I spend most of my day chit chatting with my friend Cheryl about everything under the sun.  Today, she shared a disturbing article about teenagers using vodka soaked tampons to get drunk at school.  It’s a pretty sad article to say the least.  But in true Cheryl and Rhea fashion, we proceeded to make jokes about it all morning.

Bob has spent the past three days reconfiguring our home computer network.  He sat down on my computer to install some kind of update.  Because he’s nosy, he decided to read what I was chatting about:

So, husbands.  If you don’t want to imagine your wife’s best friends skittle flavored vagina, you should NOT read their chat’s.  Girl talk is just for the girls.  It will serve you right if you feel the need to bleach your eyeballs.

Consider yourself warned.