Why, Why, WHY do people think location apps like Foursquare are a good and safe idea?  WHY?

It drives me absolutely insane to see these Tweets come through my stream:

Or:First of all.  The normal person DOES NOT CARE that you are at the bank or Target.  We really don’t. So why clog up twitter and facebook with your mundane, useless information?  It’s rude and obnoxious.

Second, the ONLY reason I might care that you are at the bank is if I AM YOUR STALKER.  Then, by all means.  I want to know where you are.  I appreciate the address.  Because this just makes my stalking job that much easier.  And I really love knowing you are at the bank because then I can ROB you.

Do people really think that location applications like Foursquare are good ideas?  I know you can earn some coupons, but are some freebies really worth your safety?  Your child’s safety??

Um, I think not.

So please, enlighten me.  If you DO use Foursquare…WHY?  What is so great that you jeopardize your safety like that?