I came across a blog today that was participating in a meme of sorts.  It’s called a Writer’s Workshop and I think she posts a few topics to choose from each week so that you have some ideas of what to write.  As surprising as it seems, sometimes I just run out of things to say.  So I poked around her website for a bit and decided to participate.  I’m not sure I’ll remember to do it every week, but we’ll see.

Out of her five topics, I chose:  10 Things My Mother Taught Me.

I wonder if my mom is nervous?

Hi Mom!!  **Waving**  I know you’re reading.

1.  Always pack extra clothes when going on a day (or weekend) trip.  Kids are messy.  Very very messy.  And unpredictable.  One time, we went to an amusement park.  My boys were all potty trained and could feed themselves, so I didn’t think I needed to haul around extra clothes.  Well.  They proved me wrong before we even got out of town.  My oldest got car sick and threw up all over himself.  I now always being extra clothes.  And underwear.

2.  Keep your receipts.

3.  Hard work pays off.  My mom works in a competitive field and most of her peers have Master’s Degrees.  My mom only graduated high school.  But she got her position by being a hard worker, knowing her field and kissing ass.  Oh, well…maybe not that last part.

4.  My mom taught me how to walk and talk.  I’m sure she probably regrets the talking part now.

5.  How to cook!  My mom is an amazing cook.  And my family now call me and say, “will you bring your mom’s {insert recipe} to the party?”  They don’t want MY recipe…only her’s.  Because her’s is better.

6.  How to be independent and head strong.  I think this is probably the quality in me that my mom hate’s the most.  But my father died when I was young.  She raised me and my brother on her own (for a while).  She was strong and smart and independent.  Sure, she got a lot of help from her family {because our family rocks like that}, but I think she would have been successful raising the two of us with or without them.  She has taught me to be independent and have a strong opinion, too.  And this is where we butt heads.  Two strong, independent and opinionated women living on the same property makes for some…um…interesting times.

7.  She taught me how to clean.  I may not do it as often as I should, but I know how to do it right.

8.  How to count with my fingers.  There is no shame in that, ya know?

9.  How to enjoy a really great dessert.

10.  How to be a friend.

Ya know, it’s weird.  My mom has taught me a gazillion things, but it was really hard pin-pointing these ten.  What has your mother taught you?