You really need to check out Heather’s BC Okanagan Winery Red Rooster Reisling review.  It’s all about naked men and banana noses…I wasn’t sure if she was talking about wine or what?

We really are having way too much fun with our wine reviews, just a little too much wine makes these momma’s slap happy.  Heather had a brilliant idea with these post’s and I’m sure glad that she asked me and Cheryl to participate with her.

Next week will be Cheryl’s turn, but I’m going to ask if we can switch weeks because this week I got my first shipment from the California Wine Club and I really want to share it with you.  In the meantime, a special offer for MY lovely readers (that’s you), they are offering a  onetime shipment for only $13.00.  You will get two bottles of wine and you will have your choice of  all red, all white or one of each.  There is no obligation to stay, just a nice little way to try out the California Wine Club.  Use Promo Code momblog-11 at checkout and then next month we can talk about the same wines!  Isn’t that special?

Yeah, I thought so.

So for the Reisling this week, go visit Heather.  And next week tune in again for more sloshed blogging.