I know, I know.  I change themes almost as much as I change my underwear.  But I really loved this new Tapestry Theme by StudioPress.  I’m told that the Genesis framework from Studio Press is major competition for my beloved Thesis theme.  I really liked the look of Tapestry and so I thought I would give it a try.  But I wanted to point some things out to you that are a little different from what you might be used to in a blog.

I can post “statuses.”  I have them labeled as “BTW” (by the way).  These are just little random thoughts of mine, something funny or pointless I want to share, but I don’t necessarily have a big ole blog post worth of chatter.  You can comment on these.  In fact, I would love it if you did.  It’s just another way to chat during the day and ignore my kids.  But, “there is no title to click on,” you say?  Well, click on the speech bubble that says “btw” and it will open the permalink and give you a comment box.

You also may notice more random pictures and videos.  This theme makes it easy to just share on the fly.  Again, their may or may not be a title on these posts, but if you have something to add, please click on the speech bubble and comment away.

I am still figuring it out and there may be some design tweaks in the coming days.  If you see anything really weird or buggy, please let me know.  I just wanted to be able to share my life easier.  Sometimes I think of something random and I want to share, but I don’t since I didn’t have an entire post worth writing.  Now I can.

I would love to know what you think about this format.  Do you think it will be nice or is it just weird?