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Anthony’s favorite school subject is Science.  He would be happy if he didn’t have to do anything else all day long besides science experiments.  He is always saying, “mommy I have an idea for an experiment!”  And, most of the time, hearing this phrase makes me shudder at the potential mess that is coming.  But I try my best to help foster his love of science and comply with his experimental ideas (and messes) as much as possible.

If you have kids in school (or even if you don’t) you probably know that Science Fair season is here.  Just because I homeschool doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the fun of creating displays for our projects, and since Anthony loves volcano’s and lava {lava mostly}, we decided to do a volcano project.

This year Scientific Explorer has teamed up with Elmer’s to help show families how much fun and painless creating science fair projects can be.

Anthony had a “BLAST” (ha) creating his live action erupting volcano from Scientific Explorer.  It came with everything we needed to make the volcano:  plaster, molds, measuring cups, baking soda, citric acid and red food coloring.  Anthony even took it a step further and insisted that we paint it so it would look realistic.

*Note:  Tempura paint works okay on plaster…but after about 3 eruptions it all kinda peeled away.  I’m not crafty, but I think there is probably a better paint out there for this.  Anyone?  The kit does not come with paint, this was just something extra that Anthony added.

We spent a few days erupting the volcano over and over and over and over….again.  There is enough chemical supplies for about 10 explosions.  The boys loved it!  They would “ooh” and “ahhh” over the “lava” flowing down the sides.  I think I put it together wrong though because I had red soapy food coloring everywhere!   Thank goodness for lots of newspaper.

A few days later we went to work on our display.  Anthony chose to focus on the parts of a volcano.

Elmer’s sent along a bunch of very cool display supplies.  Everything we needed to make an eye-catching display was available.  Double sided markers, stencils, a tri-fold foam display board and (my favorite) repositionable letters.

These repositionable letters and numbers are basically post it notes.  They are tacky on the top, easy to move around and position.  Then when you have them where you want them, you glue them down.  They were SO COOL!  No more off centered titles, letters slanting down the page or running out of room at the end.  You know it’s happened to you!  It sucks.  I loved these letters.  Such a clever idea.

We were really happy with the way our display turned out.  It was colorful and fun.  I was able to find a volcano part’s printable online, so we printed those out and he labeled them with his big markers.  He was very excited to share his presentation with his dad and grandparents.

Would you like the opportunity to WIN these supplies so you can create your own science experiment at home with your kids?  Of course you would!  Scientific Explorer and Elmer’s is offering one lucky reader the same kit that I received that will include the following:

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Leave me a comment and share your experiences with the science fair.  It can be about a project you did as a child or something you helped your own kids with.  Anything really, I just want to hear if you’ve had any cool projects.  I always need new ideas. 🙂

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