I’m in love with beautiful decorated sugar cookies and have been hoping for an excuse to practice.  My first attempt was a flop, but this round turned out MUCH better…dontcha think?

Bob’s friend Miquel helped trouble shoot my computer when it was being stupid last week and I was asked to make some cookies as a “thank you.”  YAY cookies!

I don’t have good luck with sugar cookies, and they aren’t my favorite to eat.  So I went searching for a chocolate cut out cookie and decided to try this recipe.  It was fabulous!  {even when I ran out of cocoa and had to use 1/4 cup extra flour…oops}.  But this cookie rolled easily and didn’t end up as a dried crumbly mess.

I then thought…”wouldn’t it be yummy to make the normally non-delicious royal icing a peppermint flavor?”

Bob said “no.”

But what does he know?

So I ran to the store for more powdered sugar {I ran out…I never said I was an organized baker} and picked up some peppermint extract.  I then used Sugarbelle’s “Top-Secret Royal Icing” recipe and replaced 2 TBS of water with 2 TBS of peppermint extract {I was making a double recipe}.

Peppermint royal icing, straight out of the bowl tasted a whole lot like toothpaste!  I may or may not have freaked out a little.

Here, I was making these cookies for Bob to take to work, I had delicious chocolate sugar cookies, but I was going to decorate them with toothpaste.  Just fabulous.

But I went ahead and decorated them and prayed for the best.  I hoped that they just seemed strong on their own, but combined with the chocolate cookies that it would be good.

I spent hours decorating these stupid cookies.  With toothpaste flavored icing.

Holy shit this better work.

My mom came over after dinner.  I offered her the first cookie {you call it guinea pig…I call it being a good hostess and offering cookies to my guests}.

She liked them!

Thank goodness!! YAY!

I took my first bite, I’ll be darned if it didn’t taste really good.


What a relief.  I wasn’t going to have to redo the entire process tomorrow.

I did learn a few things this round of decorating.

1st:  Don’t put cute little dino-dots on your dinosaurs until after they have been flooded.  I think that would have sped up my decorating time immensely.  The butterfly’s, too.  I put the spots and dots on, then flooded and I had to work slow to fill in all the irregular edges.  So next time, I’ll flood first then add the details.

Well, maybe I only learned one thing.  But it’s a good tip to remember.

Do you have any cookie websites that you like?  I’m looking for more inspiration.  This is too much fun!