ORLANDO, Florida — Some public school parents in Edgewater, Florida, want a first-grade girl with life-threatening peanut allergies removed from the classroom and home-schooled, rather than deal with special rules to protect her health, a school official said.  {READ the Reuters Article on MSNBC}

Parents are protesting this little six year old girl.


The parents of this elementary school are all pissed off because their kids have to wash their hands and rinse their mouth with water before coming into the classroom.

Holy shit!

What kind of horrible stuff is this school expecting the students to do?  When did hand and mouth washing become an excessive request.  It seems a simple thing to help keep a classmate safe.

These asshole parents are basically teaching their kids intolerance and showing them how to exclude people for their differences.  They are saying, “hey, your friend is different so we don’t want her here.”  “Her difference is inconvenient for us so leave her home.”

I’m sure her peanut allergy is inconvenient for her, too.

Kinda like wheelchairs are inconvenient.  They are big and clumsy, hard to get through some doors.  Maybe we should make children who use wheelchairs stay home, too since we might have to hold the door open for them?  What a pain in the ass.

From what I’ve read, they think the parents of this little 1st grade girl, who is so severely allergic to peanuts that just breathing in the dust could kill her {poor baby!}, should homeschool her so that their kids don’t have to be inconvenienced during their school day (apparently washing hands is inconvenient).

I want to tell the parents of the girl:  HOMESCHOOL her!  But NOT because these assholes want you to.  But because your little girl deserves BETTER.

Sorry, I’m off on a little rant here.  But this just makes me so mad.  Has our society not progressed enough?  I thought acceptance of each others differences was one of the first things we learn as children.  It’s a lesson these student’s parents must have missed.

They are not asking the children to go through a decontamination chamber.  Just:  Wash your hands, rinse your mouth after lunch, and don’t bring nuts to school.

I am really curious to what you think.  Without my ranting influencing you (HA), I want to know if you think the school should accommodate this child (which I am happy to say they are)?  Do you think this girl should be forced to stay home JUST because the rest of the students can’t bring peanut butter sandwiches to school?