This is supposed to be Cheryl’s week to review, but I traded with her so I could share with you something fun and fabulous:  The California Wine Club.

“As wine consumption increases, so do wine choices. Facing the wall of wine at the local store is daunting for even the most seasoned of wine buyers! A wine club is just a fun and convenient way to experience quality wines.” ~ Bruce & Pam Boring, The California Wine Club

I know that when I started this weekly wine adventure with my friends Heather and Cheryl I joked about drinking my wine from a box.  I have limited knowledge on how to pick a good wine.  I don’t much know the difference in flavors other than red, white or pink.  I knew I had a preference for red (although I liked this weeks white much better than the red…go figure).  I took to picking my wines based on their unique names.  This month, I’m getting a little help from the California Wine Club.

Since 1990 The California Wine Club has introduced wine enthusiasts to a monthly wine adventure! With four great wine of the month clubs to choose from, we offer a selection of award-winning wine to suit all tastes and all budgets. Every wine we feature is handcrafted by artisan wineries and guaranteed to delight. Whether you decide to try our most popular wine club, or a wine club specific to collectors, you will receive our guarantee of quality, as well as many other valuable membership benefits.

I was so excited to get my first shipment from CWC.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I wasn’t standing in front of the “wall of wine” looking for funny names.  This was going to be “real” wine.  Award winning wine!  I felt so smart.  Like perhaps I could become a real wine snob enthusiast after all.

When my shipment arrived, the bottles were still cold with condensation on the outside of the bottles.  That’s how fast they shipped.  My two bottles of wine came with the full-color newsletter Uncorked.  This newsletter is really more of a mini-magazine and has all kinds of great information in it.  There are stories about the featured winery’s, recipe’s, wine cheat sheets and even some fun wine facts.  This month I learned that a standard serving of beer has 13.13 carbs while wine only has 3.5!  That is a huge difference.  I’m so glad I decided to start drinking wine and ditched the Coors.

This month the CWC is featuring two Estate Wines from the Robledo Family Winery.  I received two bottles:

2005 “Los Braceros” Sonoma Valley Red Blend

From Uncorked:  Blended from equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.  Red garnet in color, this blend offers aromas of black currant, ripe plum and a hint of tobacco.  Luscious, ripe flavors of rich black fruit and cedar lead to a yummy, spicy pepper finish.  Pairs well with chile relleno or smoked prime rib.

I was warned ahead of time that this red wine would have sediment in it called tartrate crystals.  Apparently, they are very common and wine makers usually filter them out.  But the Robledo Family Winery left them in because it created more flavor.  I forgot about this sediment and took a big old drink at the end of my glass and got a mouth full.  Oops.

I did not love this red wine.  As I’ve said, I’m not good at discerning different flavors, but I could without a doubt taste the spicy pepper in this one.  The pepper combined with the tartrate crystals, and I still have part of this bottle sitting on my counter.

2007 “The Seven Brothers” Lake County Sauvignon Blanc

From Uncorked:  Pale yellow wine is clear and bright, ready to wow you with zesty aromas of tropical fruits and green apple.  It’s fruit flavors are intense, highlighted by green tea and citrus notes.  The mouth-coating wine ends with a crisp but ripe finish.  Pairs well with dungeness crab cakes, tuna tartare, fresh oysters or ceviche.

I think I might have tasted the green apple.  I know it was tart and really good once it was really cold.  Refreshing.  I don’t do seafood at all and just enjoyed this bottle in peace one night while watching American Idol.

Special Discount for the California Wine Club

I really can’t wait to see what comes in my April wine shipment!  I’m having so much fun learning all this new stuff.  And the nice people at CWC is offering a special discount for my readers who want to try it out with me.  Just visit my friends at the California Wine Club and you can sign up for a one time shipment (two bottles of wine) for only $13.00!  There is NO obligation to stay and you can choose what wines you get (all red/all white/one of each).  Just use the promo code:  momblog-11 when you check out.

FTC Disclosure:  I received a shipment from the California Wine Club to facilitate this review.  My opinions are always my own.