My babies are going to be FIVE.  In about a month, I will no long have babies, I will only be the mother of a bunch of snot-nosed, mouthy and opinionated KIDS.  I imagine most people don’t really consider four year olds to be “babies,” but I do.  I have a habit of referring to them as “the babies.”  It will probably be a hard habit to break, too.

I had grand visions of pulling together a fabulous Dr. Seuss birthday party for them.   They both like Dr. Suess, Gabe can recite The Cat in the Hat by heart.  But when the evil Birthday Express catalog came in the mail, much to my dismay, they each got different birthday theme ideas.

Nathan insisted on Sonic the Hedgehog.

Gabriel insisted on Mario (again!??).

Really, boys?  You couldn’t let your mom get a bit more creative this year?

“But LOOK at the Dr. Seuss birthday!  Isn’t it so much fun?  You both love Dr. Seuss!”

Mario and Sonic it is.

At least they coordinate with each other well.  They could have chosen Sonic and Monster Trucks.  Right?


I have decided I want to do a dessert table.  They seem to be all the fabulous rage right now and I’ve seen some that are SO darn cute.  Just check the Dr. Seuss link above, she did a wonderful table.  You can also find them on the queen of dessert table’s, Amy Atlas, website.  Of course, she is a professional and I can only dream of achieving anything remotely as amazing…but I’m certainly going to try!

I know for sure that there will be cupcakes and cookies.  I’m still working out the rest.  I’ve been googleing Mario & Sonic cookies this morning.  Perhaps something like this for the Mario Cookie (img)?  These will not be easy for a novice cookie decorator like myself.  But it’s certainly going to be fun trying.  I think a practice round is in order this week.

I could only find vintage Mario cookie cutters and they were not cheap.  So I am going to have to free hand both characters.  At least I found a template for Sonic.

This party is going to be a lot of fun!  I certainly have a lot of practicing to do between now and then.  What else should I have on my dessert table?  I need to think of decorations too.  I plan on going with blue/red/yellow motif and not spend a lot of money on Sonic and Mario licensed stuff since that would be really expensive.  If you have any websites with ideas for me, please share.  I need all the inspiration I can get!