I think something is wrong with me.

I realized that tomorrow is April Fool’s Day so I decided to go looking for some ideas of pranks to play on my boys.  Everything I read was accompanied by: “oh, no…what a mess…you better not…I’d kick someone’s ass…”

Replace the sugar with salt.  Pouring salt all over Gabe’s Rice Krispies would be a complete waste of an entire bowl of cereal!  That’s wasted money people.

Grease the door knobs.  I can see my boys reaching for the knob and then getting Vaseline all over themselves, wiping it on the wall, carpet, hair…um, no.

Put fake bugs in your mom’s bed.  I would kick someones ASS!

But then there were a bunch I came across that really were kinda funny.

Special Juice.  Fill a pitcher with water and add some food color to look like juice.

Really cold cereal.  Fill a bowl with water the night before and freeze it.  In the morning, cover the ice with your kids’ favorite cereal and watch as they try to dig in.

Bedtime switch.  While your kids are sleeping, switch them into each others beds {I actually think this is really funny}.

Upside down water trick.  Fill a water glass and place a piece of cardboard or plastic over the top.  Flip the cup upside down on a flat surface, glass table or smooth counter. Now, pull the cover out from under the cup.  The water should stay in the cup, the water will form a vacuum and stay put.

Of course, we can’t leave the grown-up’s in our lives out of the fun.  So I have some ideas for the computer literate people in your life.

Mouse Trap.  Cover the bottom of someones optical mouse with a post it note.  Then when they try to use it, it won’t work.  Be sure to write “April Fool’s!”  on the post it.

Blue Screen of Death.  You can do an image search for “blue screen of death.”  Then you can either set this image as the computer screen saver, or you can set it as the desktop image.  Just be sure to hide the desk top icons {right-click on the desktop, choose “Arrange Icons By,” then unclick “Show Desktop Items’  For Windows 7, choose “View” and unclick “show desktop icons}.  Then when the computer comes up, they will only see the “blue screen of death” and freak out.  YAY.

I think my dread of April Fool’s comes from my brother who is the biggest practical joker on the planet.  He doesn’t reserve his pranking for just April 1st, either.  It’s all year long…you must stay on your toes.  So, do you like April Fool’s Day or does the thought of it put you into a panic?  What kind of pranks do you plan on pulling?