I’ve talked about Time 4 Learning before.  It’s an online home school curriculum that Anthony really likes.  It’s animated and colorful and he just thinks he’s playing games.  It keeps his attention (which isn’t easy!) and helps me keep him interested in “school time.”

T4L is a subscription program and we pay $19.99 a month for Anthony.  Come Fall, when we start Kindergarten with the twins, we will pay $14.99 for each of them.  But it’s been a really great program, it’s all laid out and offers reports so parents can keep records on what their kid has done.

Even if you are not a homeschooler, parents like T4L to supplement the stuff they are learning at school.

Anyhow…the whole point of my post was to tell you that Time 4 Learning is only $4.99 for the first month, if you sign up in April.  They even have a 2 week money back guarantee.  All the details are HERE.

So if you have ever thought about homeschooling but are afraid and think you don’t have the tools or resources necessary, maybe you could try T4L this month on the cheap.

Disclosure:  I was not asked to endorse Time 4 Learning.  I pay for the service, I like the service.  But, if you do sign up and feel inclined, I would appreciate it if you put “Rhea Tabler” in as the person who referred you.  I think I might get a free month if you do.  Woot!  No pressure though.