A fun and cheap way to entertain the kids this summer is to take them on a picnic!  I really had no idea just how excited the boys would be when we got a new picnic basket.  It was like Christmas!  It was really funny.  They started jumping up and down and running around planning our perfect picnic.  When I gathered them up to go to Wal Mart for our picnic items, they bounced off the walls!

Really amusing.

I have weird children.

Better Homes and Garden’s sent me a wicked cute picnic basket, a quilt (that folds up into a matching tote), some springy plates and plastic goblets to get me started.  And then, for less than $25 bucks at Wal Mart I was able to get everything else I needed for a fun little, very simple, kid friendly picnic.

  • Bread
  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly
  • Spring snack cakes
  • Sun Chips
  • Extra paper plates
  • Cuties (tangerines…or are they oranges?  I never know)
  • Lemonade
  • Lemon-lime soda
  • napkins
  • Wine (for the mommy!)

It is so easy to make PB&J sandwiches special just by simply cutting them into shapes with some fun cookie cutters.  I chose flowers to keep with our spring-time theme.

We took the boys to the park yesterday.  It was a partly sunny day, perfect for spending time outdoors (not too hot…not too cold).  The park had recently watered the grass, so we set up on a picnic table.  It was perfect!


Bob was trying to teach Gabriel how to make noise using a blade of grass.  Gabe was super impressed!

Naming cloud shapes with Nathan.

We ended up cutting the outing short because Gabe was having some “intestinal issues.”  It was much safer for him to be near home…if you know what I mean.  But, for really really cheap, we had a fabulous family picnic at the park.  I can’t wait to go to the beach this summer now that I have a basket and blanket all handy to make taking our lunches so much easier.

Now, I need YOU to do me a favor!  This is actually a Perfect Picnic CONTEST that is being hosted at the Better Homes and Garden’s Live Better Facebook page.  I would love you more than anything if you would visit their page and VOTE FOR MOMMY23MONKEYS!  Please?

1st:  “LIKE” BHG Live Better on Facebook

2nd:  On the left menu, click “Perfect Picnic,” find Mommy23Monkeys (Rhea Tabler) and Vote.  My picnic is titled: “Kid Friendly Picnic.” (You should be able to click on the pink banner above to go directly to my entry)

Voting BEGINS on April 5th (afternoon) and ENDS on April 20th at 5pm EST.  The winner (ME) will receive a $200.00 Walmart card.  Woot!  So thanks in advance for voting for me.