I married an “older man.”  I’ve mentioned before that he is actually one month older than my own mother {a fact she loves to remind him of}.  But while he is older than me {and my mom} he is by no means “elderly.”  He has three young sons {and one adult son}, a couple of beautiful grandchildren.  He works full time, likes to camp and play video games.  He is nowhere near retiring and certainly not planning any “arrangements.”

Not that talking about funerals and burials wishes is bad…you know…just in case…over tequila shots or something.

Recently, though, he has begun receiving lots and lots of mail from the AARP.  Then retirement home mail started arriving.  My mom and I got a good laugh out of it because my mom is the same age and has never received anything at all about retiring or “growing older.”

Then Bob got a letter about cremation services!

DUDE!  He’s not even retired!!

How or why Bob got put on someones “list” is unknown to us.  But I guess I better buy a dress…they seem to know something that we don’t.