I’ve mentioned how I think most location apps are stupid.  I think it’s really unsafe to post to the world where you are throughout the day.  Well today I learned about Neer.

Neer is COOL!

There is this bread outlet store down the hill (where I live…everything good is “down the hill”).  Well, it takes 45 minutes to drive down the hill and I’m not going to make a special trip to the bread store just because.  But the bread store has Home Pride bread for $1.67 and it’s normally over $4.00 in the grocery store.  HUGE difference, right?

So, I tell myself, “next time you go down the hill, don’t forget to go pick up bread.”

Next time I go into town…do you think I remember to stop by the bread store?

That would be a big fat “no.”  It never fails though, as soon as I walk in the door to my house I think, “Damn!  I forgot the bread!”

Well, Neer will let you give yourself a location reminder.  I can enter in the bread store address and next time I am “neer” that location…it will remind me to get bread!


But Neer really does so much more than that.  Check out the video to see a demo:

The only big fat bummer I see here is this:  I don’t have an iPhone 4.  So sad for me, I can’t even use this FREE app even though it would be PERFECT for me and saving mucho bucks on my bread.