Annie over at started a vlog hop a few weeks ago because she thought it would be fun to see how different people say different words from around the country.  I’m not usually one to voluntarily be on video but it’s been so entertaining watching everyone’s videos.  Besides, my partners in crime Cheryl and Kathleen played along and I can’t let them one up me.  So this week, I decided to participate.

I’m sorry.


Here is the list of words in case you decide you want to play, too!

Pillow, Exhausted, Governor, Entrepreneurial, Calm, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Bagel, ambulance, aqua, femoral, address, rural, hypocrisy

What do you call a store where you buy alcohol?
What do you call it when you blow on a baby’s tummy and make them laugh?
What do you call batting your eyelashes on someone’s cheek?
What is another way of saying, “to deceive,” or “swindle?”
What is a funny way to say someone is not smart? (one fry short of a happy meal?)
Another name for butt?
What do you call it when you drive through mud. Lots of it, often fast and pray you don’t get stuck?

If you do decide to play along, Annie has a Dialect Vlog Linkie so you can hop around and laugh at everyone’s accents.