Anthony is such a little Foodie.  He LOVES to eat, he LOVES to try new food and he LOVES to be in the kitchen.  So I have been playing with the idea for a while of creating him a little section here for him to post about recipes and such.  Well, this week I did it.

OH My Goodness!!

He is a little MONSTER!  He is so opinionated and he had a clear vision of what he wanted “his own website” to look like.  He helped me pick the layout, he told me what to do with his picture (like smooth out his dimples because it would “look better”), and then his head about exploded from excitement when my fabulous bloggy friends started commenting.

It was as he sat at his desk reading the comments to me that I realized this was going to be very very good for my homeschooling boy.

It is like pulling teeth to get him to read and spell.  It’s torture and the activity I put off the most because it’s just more fun to do math and science with him.  But listening to him be excited about reading his comments, and today helping him author his first post, my heart smiled.

So, if you have time, please check out Anthony Cooks.  And if you have a few seconds more, please leave him a comment.  He really loves to read them and I love to listen to him (willingly) read.  I have links to the site in my sidebar and navigation menu (up top) so please check in often and follow along as we share our kitchen experiments with you.