I have completely fallen off the wagon this past two weeks.  I’m sorry!  I am a sucky bloggy friend.  I don’t know how something like this could slip my mind…perhaps it was the Vodka Mojito’s I’ve been drinking?

Don’t judge, I’m an equal opportunity boozer.

Anyhow, LAST week (see, I’m really behind), my good buddy Cheryl shared a glass of Folonari Pinot Grigio with us.  She thought it was delicious with her pizza.  Now, that’s my girl.

This weekend Heather shared her Middle Sister Rebel Red with us.  Now this one, was not so great.  Her husband had a few choice words for it that she didn’t feel like sharing.  Now, really, I want to know what he said.  Don’t you?

So, this weekend it will be my turn again.  I picked up a bottle of chocolate wine stuff at Costco and will be sharing that with you…unless you want to hear about vodka mojitos?