This is Angus.  He is a black pug who will be 10 years old in October.  When I met my husband, I had a little fawn pug, Madeline, who was the light of my whole world.  I didn’t have kids then, so this little dog was my baby.  Bob married me, he married my Madeline.  A couple months after we got married, Bob decided he wanted his own pug.

If you’ve ever been owned by a pug you know why.  They are awesome.  So much personality in such a little package.

Bob drove all the way out to the middle of nowhere to buy his little black buddy.

Angus McGee (or Magilicuddy…depending on the day).

Angus was only about a year old when Madeline suddenly died.  I was devastated!  I had never felt such sadness as I did when Madeline left me.  My whole world came to a stand still and I cried.  A lot.

In the midst of my despair, Angus was there.  He quickly became MY dog (much to my husbands dismay).  I don’t know what goes through a little doggy mind when they face death.  But it’s like he knew that I now needed him, and he was happy to try and fill Madeline’s proverbial shoes.

Angus sleeps with me.  If I am not home, he will sleep on the couch.  He will wait in my chair until I come home.  He doesn’t mind Bob much, but he always comes when I call.  He follows me around and is at the bottom of my feet.  I’m always tripping over him.

The kids came along and Angus is SO good with them.  So tolerant.

But, he is my dog.

Now, my dog is sick.

**Only click ahead if you can handle gross and TMI.**

About two months ago Angus came in from going to the potty and I noticed there was blood everywhere!  His rectum had prolapsed and he was bleeding and oozing grossness all over my dining room floor.  I was horrified!

Of course, it was a Sunday.  I ended up taking him down to the animal ER.  By the time we were seen by a veterinarian his prolapse had gone away.  His official diagnosis was just that his anal glands were infected and we got some antibiotics.

A few days later I scheduled an appointment with a vet for follow up.  This was not our normal vet since our last vet was about an hour away.  So we went to one locally.

Upon exam, the doctor was able to feel masses inside Angus’ rectum.  These masses were what was causing him to strain while pooping and prolapse.  They asked if they could do xrays.  Xrays would show if there were masses anywhere else in his body or if they were just in his rectum.

If he had masses anywhere else in his body, then there would be no need for treatment…he would die of cancer.

Luckily, he only ended up with masses in his rectum.  So it is likely not cancer, just benign tumors making it hard to poop.  The Xrays did show that he had an enlarged heart, so surgery would be a little more risky.

I walked out of the vet with a $1000 estimate for surgery to remove the tumors in his butt.

So now, my poor Angus prolapses every time he poops.  Sometimes the swelling goes down in an hour, sometimes it takes six or more hours.  Some days he has a lot of exposed tissue and tons of blood.  While his bloody butt is turned inside out, he is confined to a crate on my laundry room (tiled) floor.   I have to mop the blood up off the floor daily and do lots of laundry washing bloody towels.  I can’t let him just stay outside because this exposed skin is very tender.  If it gets damaged then it has a higher chance of getting infected.

He needs surgery.

We can’t afford surgery.

We live on one meager income and struggle to get by, we just don’t have an extra $1000 lying around to get surgery for my dog.  Because we are new clients at our local vet, they won’t let me set up a payment arrangement.  I’m at a loss of what to do to fix him.

This is our pet.  Our love.  Our Angus.  He is amazing and the children love him.

Do you know of any programs that might help?  I’ve googled but most of the programs that help pay for vet treatment are for animals that are dying.  Angus is 10 years old, but other than his little butt hanging out, he’s healthy and spunky.

I could really use some advise here.  I don’t know what to do to help him.