Morgan Family courtesy of Happily Domestic


Today I was pointed into the direction of THIS POST from Happily Domestic about her dear friend who just lost her husband.  Read it.

Here is the jist in case you don’t have time to click over:

… Yesterday evening (April 10th) Lori held her husband of 23 years in her arms as he breathed his last breath. Dayne Morgan, lost the fight of his 2 year battle with a rare form of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. At the time Dayne found out he had cancer, he had recently been laid off from his job. There was no medical insurance and the only income coming in was unemployment. Dayne started chemotherapy and as you can imagine the medical bills started rolling in by the dozen. Dayne was hospitalized numerous times and spent several weeks in ICU on a ventilator last fall with strep pneumonia. All this time, no medical insurance.

When you are fighting for your life, you do not think of the expense….With no life insurance, no money and a large amount of debt, he left this world. Medical bills will be sorted out, but the reality of the situation is Lori now faces funeral expenses (apx. $3,000) that need paid immediately. She is left as the sole provider of their 2 young daughters ages 10 and 12. Lori is a stay at home mom and homeschools their girls. The need is great!


I can not imagine what these people are going through!  If Bob died tomorrow, I would be screwed.  I do not work.  I have no income.  There is a small life insurance policy, so at least I could bury him, but that is about it.  Not only is this woman heartbroken over her loss, but she is having to worry about things that she shouldn’t have to.  Like groceries.

Kolcraft has stepped up in an amazing way.  They have donated four new and fabulous items from their collection to be auctioned off.  ALL proceeds go directly to the Michael Dayne Morgan Memorial Fund.

April 25-27 at Happily Domestic you can bid on these great items:

  • Contours Optima Tandem Stroller (ERV: $299.99)
  • Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller (ERV: $219.99)
  • Preferred Position 2-in 1 Bassinet & Incline Sleeper (ERV: $139.99)
  • Contours Innerspring Organic Cotton 2-Stage Infant-Toddler Mattress (ERV: $279.99)

More auction pictures and item descriptions can be found HERE.

If you are having a baby soon, or know someone who is, please think about stopping by the auction and getting your bid on!  You could score a great Kolcraft product, but more importantly, you will be helping a mother and her daughters in a terrible time of need.

Please spread the word!