{Anthony is a Cub Scout.  They sing songs for everything. At den meetings they sing a song for announcements to get the boys’ attention:  “Announcements!  Announcements!  Announcements!  A terrible way to die!  A terrible way to die!  A terrible way to be talked to death, a terrible way to die!”}

I have a small bag of chocolate chips in my pantry that Anthony asked me if he could eat.

I told him “no, those are for Easter cookies on Saturday night.”

He replied, “but you already made Easter cookies.”

{I made super cute bunnies and eggs!}

“But we are going to make special Easter cookies that remind us of the reason we celebrate Easter.”

“Why do we celebrate Easter?”

“We celebrate Easter because that is when Jesus died and came back to life”

“Why did Jesus die?”

“Well, these people didn’t believe in our religion and thought he was a bad man.  They were afraid of him.  So they the were really mean and hurt him, then nailed him up on a cross and let him bleed to death.  It was a terrible way to die.”

And then Anthony started SINGING:  “a terrible way to die…a terrible way to die…!!”

I just stared in disbelief at him and he said, “well, it was a terrible way to die, mom.”

“Yes.  Yes it was.  We just don’t usually sing it like that.”