I’m sure the Easter Bunny was thinking that Silly Putty would be a super fun, non-candy item to include in my six year old’s Easter Basket.  I’m sure he didn’t realize that my kid would try and imprint the putty on his head.  There is no way to have known that.  I mean, the package does say “not for children under 36 months” and Anthony is well over that mark.   It certainly seemed like a safe bet.

He really should have known better.

But accidents happen, right?  He never had Silly Putty before.  He imprints PlayDo on his head all the time without incident.  So how was he to really know?

He was feeling so sad at the loss of this very cool new thing.   He promised to only do right from now on.  So after the “incident” was cleaned up I thought I would get him some more putty.

What is that little riddle people say?

Fool me once…shame on you.
Fool me twice….shame on me?

Something like that?

Well…shame on me.

Lesson learned.