(For real…why does the screen capture for my video always have to look SO bad?)

Here are the words and questions for this week:

The Words:

why,  outside,  chic,  boutique,  February,   Right of way,  Porsche,  Behind,  Tomorrow,  Bye,  Organization

The Questions:

Pin & Pen – do you same them the same or different?

What do you call a place you go that serves mainly alcoholic beverages?

What is the gray tape that can fix any broken object?

What do you call someone that isn’t “cool”?

A phrase your grandparents always said?

What do you call a girl that acts silly and unintelligent?

Slow as  ______

Quick as _________

Happy as a ________

Annie is trying to get someone from every state to play, so make your own video and link up on this weeks post HERE.